Working Papers

These working papers are written as full academic papers and are published after internal and external peer review.  We publish them as open access as we want to communicate with a wide audience rather than lock them away in print journals.

March 2012

Institutionalised and decentralised ‘copycats’? Exploring the implication of entrenched political and bureaucratic corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa By Job Akuni

February 2012

“Now I know my rights!” Exploring group membership and rights-based approaches for people living with HIV/AIDS in Northern Tanzania By Anna Mdee, Paul Otieno & Lisa Thorley

“I prayed and God gave me this car!” Religious organisations and development in Uchira, Tanzania- An exploratory case study  By Anna Mdee & Job Akuni

Meeting the capacity challenge? The potentials and pitfalls of International University Partnerships in Higher Education    in Africa by Job Akuni, Anna Mdee & Lisa Thorley

June 2015

Regional Organisations and the Enforcement of Constitutionalism: Reflections on the Implementation of Chapter 8 of the African Charter on Democracy Elections and Governance (ACDEG), by Chika Charles Aniekwe


2 thoughts on “Working Papers”

  1. Prof Anna, Very good working papers. I will go through them, starting with that of a case study of Uchira…..Prof I am coming around this place.


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