Please also note that our Yorkshire Africa Studies Network partner at the University of Leeds runs a seminar series, see here are more information.

University of Bradford’s Centre for International Development is also hosting seminars during the 2015-2016 academic year. Please see here for the schedule.

Bill Huntley Memorial Peace Seminar, University of Bradford and Rotary International, October 31st

UDI 50th Anniversary Workshop, University of Bristol November 4th 2015

Annual Research Conference “Rethinking Peace, Security and Development in Contemporary Africa”, University of Bradford November 6th 2015

See here for CfP

Politics of Location, Salford Innovation Forum, November 12th 2015

Beyond Forgiving, University of Bradford, November 16th 2015

JEFCAS Seminar- 18th November 2015: (4pm—6pm) Dr. Marco Jowell: “The unintended consequences of foreign military assistance: PSO training centres in Africa” Pemberton Room P2.11

Resource Politics and Advocacy Struggles in Zimbabwe: Encountering Power at Multiple Scales, University of Leeds, November 30th 2015

JEFCAS Seminar- 2nd December 2015: (4pm–6pm): Tim Randall: The International community’s Stabilization efforts of Mogadishu. Pemberton Room P2.11

JEFCAS Seminar- 13th January 2015: (4pm–6pm): Dr. Jutta Bakonyi; Narratives and Violence: what narratives do violent actors use to attract followers and what does that tell us Pemberton Room P2.11

Yorkshire African Studies Network (YASN) Workshop on Gender and Sexuality University of Leeds, 14 January 2016

Exploring Childhood Studies in the Global South, University of Sheffield, 19-21 January 2016

See here for flyer

JEFCAS Seminar- 27th January 2016: (4pm-6pm): Dr. Olawale Ismail: Seeing and Seizing Moments: Issues and Approaches in Rebuilding State-Citizens Relations in fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCAS) Pemberton Room P2.11

JEFCAS Seminar- 10th of February 2016 : (4pm-6pm): Dr Julia Gallagher: How States become States: International relations in the creation of Zimbabwe Pemberton Room P2.11

JEFCAS Seminar- 16th March 2016 (4pm-6pm): Dr Ibrahim Seaga Shaw: The Challenges of reporting peacebuilding in Africa: Towards a human rights journalism approach. Pemberton Room P2.11

Past events:

Ebola: experiences in a global emergency – the case of Sierra Leone, February 9th 2015

Please see the following from Debitores Sumus: Event promotion, Podcast (forcoming) and commentary


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