Calls for Papers

Ruth Simms Hamilton African Diaspora Series, rolling deadline (call for manuscripts)

International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution, rolling deadline (call for papers)

‘Entrepreneurship in Africa,’ rolling deadline (edited volume)
 High Impact Entrepreneurship: Financial Services Industry and Development in sub-Saharan Africa, deadline October 30th (call for chapters submissions)
EAUH Conference 2016: Reinterpreting Cities, deadline October 31st (call for papers)
Fault Lines: Rethinking Temporal and Disciplinary traditions in African Studies
Yorkshire African Studies Network (YASN) Workshop on Gender and Sexuality University of Leeds, 14 January 2016, deadline October 31st (call abstracts) [Email 300 word abtracts to the following-]

African Literature Association Conference 2016, deadline November 15th (call for papers)

Postgraduate Scholarships, University of Johannesburg, deadline Novebmer 20th (call for applications)

Bodies of Text: Learning to be Muslim in West Africa, Caburary Fellowship and Workshop, deadline November 30th (call for applications)

Terrorism in Africa Workshop, University of Oxford, deadline November 30th (call for abstracts)

Creativity, Culture and Identity in Africa and the African Diaspora, University of Texas, deadline November 30th (call for abstracts)

Africa Studies, Africa and Popular Culture, deadline November 30th (call for book chapters)

CMNEUS, Graduate School Symposium, University of Michigan, deadline December 1st (call for abstracts)

French Institute of South Africa, research funding, deadline December 1st (call for applications)

Short- and Long-Term Fellowships, The John Carter Brown Library, deadline December 1st (call for applications)

Collected Histories, Mirrored Empires: British and French Imperialism, deadline December 1st (call for abstracts),%20Mirrored%20Empires%20Conference%20Call%20for%20Papers.pdf

War and Sexual Violence, City University New York, deadline December 15th (call for abstracts)

Mo Ibrahim & SOAS, Governance for Development in Africa Residential School, deadline December 15th (call for applications)

From Slavery to Freedom: The Black Experience throughout the African Diaspora, deadline December 15th (call for abstracts)

Edited Collection on the Afterlife in the African Diaspora, deadline December 15th (call for abstracts)

Annual Africa Conference, Tennessee State University, deadline December 31st (call for abstracts)

African religions: Ritual and Practice through History, deadline December 31st (call for publications)

Journal of West African History, Special Issue: Women and Gender in West Africa, manuscript deadline January 2016 (journal special issues)

SERSAS-SEAN Conference, University of Florida, deadline January 2nd (calls for submissions)

Feminist Formations special issue- “Homefront Fontlines”, deadline January 15th (call for submissions)

Mobilizing Africa: Innovation, Syncretism, and Appropriation, Annual Grad Student Conference, Boston University, deadline January 15th (call for abstracts)

The First World War from Tripoli to Mogadishu (1911-1924), deadline January 29th (call for abstracts)

The Legal Illegality of Empire, deadline January 29th (call for abstracts)

Multiple Faiths in Postcolonial Cities, deadline March 3rd, 2016 (calls for abstracts)

ASAUK Biennial Conference, Cambridge University, deadline April 2nd, 2016 (call for papers)


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