CfP: Annual Research Conference “Rethinking Peace, Security and Development in Contemporary Africa”


CfP: Annual Research Conference “Rethinking Peace, Security and Development in Contemporary Africa”

Friday 6th November 2015

University of Bradford


West Yorkshire, UK


Call for Abstracts

This conference aims to examine the past and current approaches to peace, security and development in Africa in light of confronting the new challenges and the opportunities offered. This conference targets experts from a range of fields and anticipates contributions from researchers and practitioners in the areas of conflict and peace studies, history and politics, business and management, environment and climate change, health studies, media, humanitarianism, engineering and technology. Contributions from other disciplines related to the conference are also welcomed.

We are seeking papers in the follow three topics:

Emerging Security Challenges. Contemporary crises range from material to political, and are often violent. Material crises include environmental and climate related issues that threaten human security and development, Protesters gather at Place de la Nation in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Fasofinancial crises where emerging African states flounder when competing in Western markets and producing export-based economies, often creating massive public debt, and the exploitation of natural resources by state, non-state and foreign actors. Human security and development are also threatened by disease and epidemics, inducing often securitized reactions, impacting regional peace and stability. Terrorism, conducted by the state or non-state actors creates regional destabilization, as political violence.

Beyond Security: Seeking innovation. Amid these challenges faced by most African states are growing trends of innovation in communication, technology, energy and local politics. What is the impact of these trends? How does information technology and global, fast-paced communication impact domestic politics, protest, and growth? The “local” turn in development and peacebuilding is also relevant, is there more to this trend than an increase of academic attention, or are local-level organizations having a bigger impact on development, peacebuilding and conflict transformation? The role that technological innovations play in security and development must also be addressed. Relatedly, what impact do advances in technological communication have on news media and reporting, especially in times of crisis?

DFID_Andrea Dondolo - Activists for changeSuccess and Development. At the core of this conference is the acknowledgement that Africa has seen the growth of post-colonial states that are now 50 years old. Democracy, in many parts of the continent is more inclusive and fairer than it has been since colonialism. Pressure and expectations of good governance and reform are an emerging narrative in many states. Regional organizations are doing more now than ever in the past to ensure economic and political stability. We hope to discuss the questions raised by this “Africa Rising” narrative, especially in light of contemporary challenges. Furthermore, what role do international peacekeeping and interventions have to play in such an environment? In this “new” Africa why do so many flee developing countries to uncertain fate in Europe? How does migration internally and out of the continent impact these gains in development?

Deadline for submissions is 30th May, 2015, which should be sent to Abstracts for single papers should be limited to 300 words (only one paper per participant should be submitted, however group paper presentations are welcome).

Proposals for panels are also welcome, and should be limited to 300 words, with separate abstracts of individual papers for the proposal (following the above word limit).

Accepted participants will be required to send a full paper by 1st October, 2015.

We are unable to offer any funding for participants’ travel or accommodation.

[Image credits (from top to bottom): Senegal “Rising Africa” monument; Burkina Faso protests 2014; CIAT, Kenya tea picking; DFID, DFID_Andrea Dondolo-Activists for change]


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