NGO ‘campaign’ gone wrong? Lessons from “Kony2012” viral video

By now, some of you might have  already watched a youtube ‘campaign’ video, ‘KONY2012’, released on 5 March 2012 by Invisible Children (IC), a Southern California and northern Uganda based NGO. The IC’s  ‘campaign’ video quickly won the attention and emotions of millions of people in the world including international celebrities and children including Gavin – Jason Russell’s son who featured in it. Russell is one of the founders of IC.

As people from northern Uganda who are familiar with the LRA conflict and post-conflict contexts, we are compelled to add our voices, to many others, to clarify on some issues and analyse the implication of  launching and publicising the IC’s video to the audience in the global North.

Our contribution to the ongoing debate that IC has generated is available here: Kony2012, Looking Beyond the Battlefield: The Hi-Child Soldiers”


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