World Aids Day

On Thursday this week, the 1st of December is World’s AIDS Day.

We would like to encourage everyone to mark this day by participating in numerous activities and events taking place all over UK and also at our Bradford Campus.

This year’s AIDS Day falls just weeks after the publication of the UNSAID Report with a provocative title “How to get to ZERO: Faster. Smarter. Better.” which general findings are demonstrating that globally “we  are on the verge of a significant breakthrough” in a fight against a HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Next to increased access to HIV treatment, report informs that one of the reasons behind the 21% fall off AIDS related deaths and decrease in new HIV infection is related to “behavioral change” and a “new generation of young people who are taking change of their destinies and protecting themselves against HIV”.  At the same time, the report is also providing a detailed analysis of different trends and challenges that still exist in various parts of the World.

In order to show our solidarity with the mission, goals and actions promoted by various organizations and Institutions around the World, together with our partners from RESPECT Staff Network and Students Union we tried to look at some of the research and publications authored and co-authored by the staff members of our School. A number of them focus on challenges related to HIV and AIDS.  A lot of these projects and publications can help to better understand and fight the misconceptions and myths around the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

In various places around the Campus on 1st of December, we placed a number of posters that we are jointly calling “Myths and Truth”. Let it be our contribution to supporting WORLD AIDS Day and showing our support in the effort of fighting with still popular misconceptions and stereotypes around HIV/ AIDS.


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