Mzumbe-Bradford- the adventure continues

I am passionate about building long-term sustainable partnerships with HE institutions in Africa.  Job Akuni posted in September about our conference panel on this subject.  To go beyond academic tourism we need deep and committed relationships built on more than donor-funded projects that come and go leaving little trace from the workshops they funded.

Mzumbe University, Tanzania and Bradford began a joint Masters degree programme in March this year with 39 students and this week registered more than 12o on the second cohort.  Like any new marriage we are learning much about each others’ institutions.  There have been challenges along the way but as long as a spirit of dialogue and learning is maintained we will continue to build a strong academic programme.

Although I am a novice facebook user I created a group for the new cohort of students to encourage more communications—I’m sure the facebook generations will be easy adopters of this but I’m not so sure about some of my academic colleagues!


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